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Winding Tube Of The Advantages

May 12, 2017

Polyethylene steel pipe winding several advantages

Plastic steel winding tube in life, we may not understand, but now the plastic steel winding tube is favored by many consumers, and now plastic steel winding tube manufacturers Xiaobian to introduce you to the advantages of polyethylene plastic winding tube, like its friends can contact at any time we.

1, Winding tube the quality of light, less joints, no large equipment, easy installation and installation. Light weight, the installation does not require large lifting equipment. Axial flexibility is good, laying on the bottom of the groove flatness, low degree of solid requirements, can withstand Improper installation of the abnormal stress caused by strong 

2, Winding tube on-site production, significant savings in transport costs can be reel transport, pipe winding device is simple and compact, easy for manufacturers to transport the device near the site, the nearest winding production and supply pipe significantly Reducing the user's transportation costs.

3, Winding tube anti-abnormal sudden load capacity of the pipe can be elastic deformation to resolve the resulting stress, to avoid the pipe joints due to bear too much stress and deformation and leakage or damage.

4, Winding tube the overall cost of competitive. Set of two advantages of steel and plastic materials in one, the pipe has excellent overall performance.

5, Winding tube safe and reliable ring stiffness. Compared with the pure plastic pipe, reinforced steel can easily make the pipe, especially large diameter pipe, with a safe and reliable ring steel.

6, Winding tube the inner wall is smooth, the flow resistance is 20 ~ 30% lower than the cement pipe.The polyethylene pipe wall is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, and the sediment is not easy to accumulate in the pipeline, and the friction is almost unchanged after long term use.

7, Winding tube flexible or no leakage connection, sealing performance and environmental performance. Two kinds of sealed connection can be a simple tool manual operation, no mechanical, very simple and quick, to achieve reliable without leakage.

8, corrosion resistance, service life of more than 50. High-density polyethylene pipe life can be up to 50 years.