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Winding Pipe Apply To All Kinds Of Engineering Machinery And Mining Hydraulic Equipment And Wear-resisting Requirements Of Wire And Cable Protection

Oct 13, 2017

Winding pipe, large caliber winding pipe, double wall winding pipe, hollow winding pipe is a kind of pipe with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, warp welding forming, because of its unique molding process, it can produce pipe with diameters up to 3 meters, which is difficult to finish in other production process. High density polyethylene (HDPE) has not only ensured the molding process and product quality because of its excellent melting and welding properties, but also for the construction of links to provide a variety of reliable ways, such as electric welding, heat shrink connection, and so on, at the same time this is also the leakage of a very rare occurrence of an important reason, it is precisely for this reason, This kind of tubing has the unique environmental protection function which other tubing does not have, this has provided the very effective method for the current people concern pollution prevention and control.

Winding pipe is a new product which replaces the traditional metal protection spring. The winding pipe is made of nylon material or polypropylene material. The winding pipe should be compared with the traditional metal spring products with good abrasion resistance, anti-aging and corrosion resistance, and can effectively protect the outer surface of the hose against aging and abrasion resistance. The winding tube is more convenient and environment-friendly and energy-saving than the rubber-protecting spring products and other sheath products. The surface of the winding pipe is generally planar, and the outer surface is divided into two kinds, plane and arc surface.

The production of winding pipe is a hot-setting process, which is generally divided into two kinds of two-time stereotypes and processing.

One-time shaping process: nylon or plastic particles by plastic extruder heating plastic extrusion into thin strip, strip from the die after extrusion without water cooling to the winding machine clamping different specifications of the core rod, and then after cooling the cooling water after the core rod is formed into a spiral sheath.

Two-time molding process: nylon or plastic particles after extruding the thin strip into the cooling water cooling, after cooling the strip after winding machine winding to different specifications of the core bar; then push the mandrel into the autoclave for curing. After a certain period of time out of the tank, can be formed from the mandrel.

Winding pipe is mainly used in various engineering machinery and mining hydraulic equipment and wear-resisting requirements of wire and cable protection. Because it can completely cover the protected products, the formation of effective wear and anti-ultraviolet protection and in many rods outside the protective role.