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Winding Pipe Anti-aging Anti-corrosion Performance

Sep 07, 2017

Winding pipe alias hose jacket, spiral sheath, cable jacket, rubber tube spiral jacket, color spiral hose protection sets, and so on. Winding tube is a substitute for traditional hose protection with a metal protection spring products. Winding pipes are generally made of nylon or polypropylene.

Production process

Winding pipe production is used in the heat setting process, generally divided into a second and two stereotypes processing.

A stereotypes process: nylon or plastic granule material by plastic extruder heated plastic extrusion into a thin strip of long strips from the head die after extrusion without water cooling that is wrapped around the winding machine of different specifications of the mandrel And then cooled by cooling water after forming from the mandrel is formed into a spiral sheath.

Secondary molding process: nylon or plastic particles extruded through the extruder after the film into the cooling water cooling; after cooling the long winding and then wrapped around the different specifications of the mandrel; and then the mandrel into the curing tank Heating vulcanization. After a certain period of time out of the tank, from the mandrel can be molded.

2. Application areas

Winding tube is mainly used in a variety of construction machinery and mining hydraulic equipment and wear-resistant requirements of the wire and cable protection. Because it can completely cover the protected products, the formation of effective wear and anti-ultraviolet protection in a number of rod-like objects outside the protection role.

3. Compared with the traditional spring products

Winding tube corresponds to the traditional metal retaining products with good wear resistance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion performance; more powerful on the outer surface of the hose anti-aging and anti-friction protection. Winding tube relative to the hose protection products and other sheath products with more convenient and environmentally friendly energy saving effect. The inner surface of the winding tube is generally flat, the outer surface is divided into two kinds of plane and arc.

4. Hollow winding tube

Hollow winding tube is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, the winding welding of a pipe.

5. Pipe performance

HDPE (high density polyethylene) double wall winding large diameter drainage pipe to HDPE as raw material, two forming, it has the following advantages:

1, chemical stability, acid, alkali, salt capacity, resistance to sewage, waste water and chemical corrosion, resistance to soil rotting corrosion, no rust.

2, strong impact resistance, pressure, wall using a unique I-shaped structure, flexible deformation and not easy to damage, for any base have a good applicability.

3, anti-aging, pipe can withstand the storage and construction process of the sun's direct sunlight, in the pipe design and production process to fully consider the 50 years when the material attenuation and other factors.

4, for a wide temperature range, can be used for-50C to 60C temperature range, no cracking and expansion of leakage.

5, light weight

6, easy to connect.

7, wear-resistant performance, than the cement pipe, steel wear-resistant, the service life of up to 50 years.

8, low raw material prices, construction, management, maintenance costs low.

9, DPE is non-toxic materials, harmless to the land, renewable use, is environmentally friendly green products.