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Why PVC Steel Hose Surface Wrinking

Oct 10, 2017

PVC steel hose in the production process sometimes wrinkle phenomenon, the main reasons are the following

1. The mold temperature uneven temperature will lead to uneven production of raw materials, heat, to check the heating ring to ensure that its uniform nest in the die.

2. Cooling effect is not good hose in the production is not fully cooled, to reduce the cooling water temperature of its complete cooling.

3.  The traction speed is not appropriate traction speed or fast or slow will affect the surface finish, to adjust the traction speed.

4.  There are impurities in the production of raw materials impurities will lead to defects in the surface of the hose, resulting in folds, to replace the raw materials.

5. The body and parts of the low temperature low temperature production process can not meet the requirements will affect the quality of processing, to improve the body and parts of the temperature.