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Ventilatory Ducts So That Air Circulation Reduces The Concentration Of Harmful Gases

Sep 07, 2017

Ventilation ducts are metal or non-metallic pipes for ventilation and air conditioning works in industrial and civil buildings, and are a municipal infrastructure for air circulation and reducing the concentration of harmful gases. Duct manufacturing and installation of the plate, profiles and other major finished materials, should be consistent with the design and related products, the current national standards, and application of factory inspection certificate, the material approach should be the current national standards for acceptance.

Ventilation ducts are generally divided into three kinds of materials: white iron (galvanized) ventilation pipes, glass fiber reinforced plastic ventilation pipes, composite ventilation ducts; ventilation pipes widely used in construction projects such as hotels, hotels, hotels, hospitals, factories, shopping malls, office buildings Wait.

Inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic ventilation pipe, also known as glass magnesium duct, is modified magnesite cement as binder, mixed with organic or inorganic filler, and with alkali glass fiber reinforced cloth made of a pipe. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, large shopping malls, office air-conditioning works and mine ventilation, factory smoke, dust and other projects. In the construction, underground engineering and industrial plant ventilation, it has completely replaced the non-flame-resistant plexiglass steel ventilation pipe, and gradually replace the poor corrosion resistance galvanized iron ventilation duct. Especially in the underground engineering and the south of the Yangtze River, its superiority is more significant.


According to the national building materials industry standard JC646-1996 standard provisions, inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic ventilation pipe according to the use of P-type pipe and D-tube two. P-type pipe is mainly used for public buildings, civil air defense projects and the general need to install ventilation and air conditioning facilities, industrial plants and mines, etc., for ventilation pipes, smoke pipes and dust pipe; D-type pipe is mainly used for residential building ventilation pipe , Row of smoke pipe.

Product quality level

According to the physical mechanical properties and appearance quality of inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic ventilation ducts, inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic ventilation ducts are divided into two grades: Grade 1 and Qualified.

Product specifications

The size of the inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic ventilation duct is mainly designed by the design unit according to the ventilation required by the project, and can also be designed according to the specific requirements of the customer.

Inorganic fiberglass ventilation ducts are rounded and rectangular. The length of the pipe is usually 2 ~ 3m, if the diameter of the circular tube and the length of the rectangular tube is greater than 1.5m, the pipe length can be appropriately shortened. There are two ways of connecting between pipes: one is the flange connection, one is plug-in connection.