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Vanitation Pipe Equipment Noise Is Small

May 12, 2017

Vanitation pipe How to reduce the noise of the duct

Vanitation pipe In the case of high noise control requirements, should use low noise ventilation pipe equipment. Different types of ventilation duct equipment in the same air volume, wind pressure, the wing type of centrifugal ventilation equipment, small noise, forward version of the type of centrifugal ventilation equipment, large noise. Properly reduce the speed of ventilation equipment. The rotational noise of the ventilation equipment is proportional to the 10 times the impeller circumferential velocity, and the eddy current noise is proportional to the impeller circumferential velocity 6 (or 5). So reduce the speed can reduce noise.

Vanitation pipe When designing a ventilation system, the pressure loss of the system should be minimized. When the total amount of ventilation system and pressure loss is large, it can be divided into small systems. Airflow in the pipeline flow rate should not be too high, so as not to cause regeneration noise. Determine the flow rate in the pipeline should be selected according to different requirements according to different requirements.