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Use Of The Winding Pipe Install The Sub-machine Installation And Manual Installation

Jul 19, 2017

  Use of the winding pipe Install the sub-machine installation and manual installation. The machine installation needs to be similar to the hose hose wrapping machine. Manual installation as follows:

  1, the hose (wire, cable) in the middle of the middle part of the winding pipe around the winding from the middle of the beginning to the hose (wire, cable) one end of the rotation.

  2, to hose (wire, cable) at one end around the winding pipe positioning in the hose (wire, cable) shall prevail. After positioning the spiral protective cover reversal release, you can move, start from the winding part of the middle to the other side of the rotation.

  3, the winding pipe all the two wrapped around the hose (wire, cable) outside the installation is complete.

  Note: multiple wires, winding pipe cables can be used to install the branch.

  The main application area of winding pipe

  Winding pipe is mainly used in a variety of construction machinery and mining hydraulic equipment and wear-resistant requirements of the wire and cable protection. winding pipe Because it can completely cover the protected products, the formation of effective wear and anti-ultraviolet protection in a number of rod-like objects outside the protection role.