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Types And Characteristics Of Ventilatory Ducts

Jun 22, 2017

  Types and characteristics of ventilatory ducts

  1, galvanized steel duct

  The most used on the market, the earliest history of ventilation pipes, the use of galvanized steel sheet made of processing, suitable for the general humidity of the general air transport,ventilatory ducts no insulation and muffler function, the production of long installation cycle.

  2, inorganic glass steel duct

  Relatively new type of duct, the use of glass fiber reinforced inorganic materials processing, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, great weight, hardness, but fragile,ventilatory ducts will be affected by the impact of deformation easily broken, no insulation and muffler function, production and installation cycle is long.

  3, fiber fabric duct

  And is often referred to as bag air duct, cloth duct, fiber fabric duct, fiber fabric air distributor, is the latest type of duct, is a special fiber woven into a flexible air distribution system, Air duct, air valve, diffuser, insulation materials, such as a delivery wind end system.ventilatory ducts It is mainly by the fiber infiltration and jet jet of the unique mode of the wind can even send the wind to send the wind end system. Easy to clean maintenance, health and environmental protection; beautiful high-end, colorful, personalized highlight; light weight, roof weight negligible; system (1), the amount of light, Quiet operation, improve the quality of the environment; installation is simple, shorten the project cycle; flexible installation, reusable; system cost savings, cost-effective advantages.

  5, composite glass fiber duct

  In recent years, the type of duct to the centrifugal glass plate as the substrate, the complex within the glass cloth, outside the complex moisture-proof aluminum foil cloth (imported sheet is coated with thermal black acrylic polymer, the outer layer of thin cloth / aluminum foil / kraft paper) Combined with the fire retardant adhesive drying, and then by cutting, slotting, bonding and other processes made of reinforcement,ventilatory ducts according to the size of the duct, the size of the wind pressure and then use the appropriate reinforcement measures.