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Test Method Of Vacuum Performance Of PVC Transparent Steel Hose And Analysis Of Causes Of Wrinkling Of Wire Hose

Oct 10, 2017

Test Method of Vacuum Performance of PVC Transparent Steel Hose and Analysis of Causes of Wrinkling of Wire Hose

PVC transparent steel hose after the production, the general manufacturers need to carry out the relevant vacuum performance testing, the standard suction hose was evacuated to the provisions of negative pressure inside and outside the shape of the hose after the change in the surface of the experimental method, test method There are two, let's take a look at the following.

First of all, the length of the test hose, the minimum length, does not contain its end hose connector, should be five times the nominal diameter of the hose, or 1 meter long, the two data, you can choose A long value of some of the length of less than 1 meter of the situation, you can take the whole hose or hose assembly. For some of the inner diameter of 80 mm and below the hose, we generally need to first put its hose as flat as possible on a flat, the use of metal plug to block one end, so that there will be no leakage , Then the inside of the hose into a solid ball, and then the opening of the hose need to connect to the vacuum table with a vacuum pump, in 60 seconds, we need to reduce the pressure inside the hose to the specified experimental pressure, And keep this value for at least 10 minutes. During the maintenance of this test pressure, we can also check whether the outside of the transparent steel hose is recessed. Finally, we need to tilt the test hose so that the internal solid ball can The entire hose through the inside, while remember to check the hose there are no other failures.

And for some transparent steel hose diameter of more than 80 mm hose, we need to take another measurement, where the need for special emphasis on what. In the detection of its sealing, we can first install one end of the hose made of transparent material sealing plug, or a transparent sealing plate, the other end can be connected to a vacuum gauge with a vacuum pump, in 60 The inner pressure of the hose is reduced to the experimental pressure value for at least 10 minutes. During this process, we can use some light source that conforms to a certain brightness to check the inside of the hose through the transparent plate and check There is no injection of the outside of the hose, dry and the like.