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Technical Characteristics And Scope Of Application Of Hollow Wall Winding Pipe

Jul 19, 2017

  Technical characteristics and scope of application of hollow wall winding pipe

  1. pipe characteristics

  Hollow wall winding pipe to polyethylene for the production of raw materials, is the country to promote the plastic and steel products. The pipe is hollow wall structure and is fused in one, so it has good impact resistance, pressure resistance. Hollow wall winding tube has the following excellent characteristics:

  Chemical resistance: not subject to sewage, waste water and chemical corrosion, not rotting substances in the soil corrosion.

  Impact resistance: the wall for the "workers" word structure, impact resistance, high rigidity; hollow wall winding tube is a flexible tube, good extension, foundation subsidence pipe will not break.

  Anti-aging: pipe for the black anti-UV formula, anti-aging performance.

  Light weight: As the pipe structure hollow, in maintaining the premise of the premise, save raw materials. The same diameter, the unit length of weight is the cement tube weight of 1 / 8. Construction convenience, do not need large-scale installation of equipment, reduce labor intensity, shorten the construction period.

  Drainage performance: pipe wall smooth, small fluid dynamic friction, fast flow. Selection of hollow wall winding pipe, the pipe diameter can be compared to the selection of reinforced concrete pipe diameter 1-2 pipe grade

  Economic performance: low price of pipe materials, construction, management, maintenance costs low.

  Pipe connection: usually use "hot melt" or "heat shrink tape" connection technology. Pipe and pipe melting into one, that is to ensure the strength of the connection, but also to achieve zero leakage pipeline system. This project uses a "heat shrinkage" connection technology.

  2. Applicable scope

  Hollow wall winding pipe can be widely used in municipal sewage, highways, rainwater, farmland irrigation, can also be used as a buried cable casing. Pipe transport handling convenience, simple and convenient construction, good connection and sealing, cement pipe, cast iron pipe, glass pipe ideal alternative products.