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Study On Aging And Degradation System Of Seamless Aluminum Duct

Aug 01, 2017

  Study on Aging and Degradation System of Seamless Aluminum Duct

  Most of the high-temperature seamless Aluminum Duct failure is due to the strength reduced to a certain level, the high temperature seamless Aluminum Duct failure of the basic characteristics of the strength of the problem is not prominent, can not meet the design strength requirements caused by cracking or leakage. Seamless Aluminum Duct four pipe) Burst problem has long been the thermal power plant unit forced to stop the main reason. According to the rough statistics of 1990, due to boiler accidents caused by the number of temporary inspection unit of the total temporary high temperature seamless Aluminum Duct use environment is very bad, overheating is a component of the aging and failure of a basic factor, aging led to the early failure of parts It is more common to predict the residual life of components.

  In recent years, the domestic research institutions on the use of seamless Aluminum Duct aging and deterioration of a more systematic study, put forward a series of practical engineering high temperature seamless Aluminum Duct state assessment methods and calculation models; Aluminum Duct proposed the use of aging factor correction (BTLMS), which has been developed to build a complete system of life management technology for high temperature seamless Aluminum Ducts. Aluminum Duct The method is based on the analysis of the residual life management system.