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Spiral Duct The Market Is Generally Divided Into Three Categories

May 15, 2017

Brief introduction of spiral duct

Spiral duct on the market by the material is generally divided into three categories: spiral duct, stainless steel spiral duct and composite spiral duct. Among them, the best quality stainless steel duct, applicability, but the price is high. The most widely circulated spiral ducts on the market today are galvanized sheets. Spiral ducts, basically have the characteristics of stainless steel spiral duct, but the price is only two-thirds or less of stainless steel ducts. Composite spiral duct is generally used in the external environment is more common, the requirements of the duct is not too high.

As the metal easily in a variety of environments, chemical reactions, resulting in corrosion, rust. And zinc in the dry air almost no change. In the damp air, zinc surface will produce dense alkaline zinc carbonate film. Spiral ducts are mainly coated with a layer of zinc on the duct, which plays a protective role. Zinc coating by passivation treatment, dyeing or coating protective agent, can significantly improve its protective and decorative. Xiaobian will be on the ventilation system commonly used in the spiral duct for some introduction.

Spiral duct Main business:

Ventilation equipment: activated carbon dust removal equipment, cyclone dust collector, pulse dust collector, bag dust removal device, purification tower, negative pressure fan, cooler, cabinet fan, centrifugal fan, air purifier, electrostatic fume purifier, fan

Spiral duct Ventilation duct: galvanized plate flange flange, spiral duct.

Spiral duct Pipe fittings: straight pipe, 45 ° elbow, 90 ° elbow, T three links, Y three links, Stone, Tianyuan places, and other types of tuyere and all kinds of stainless steel products

Spiral duct Ventilation works: dust removal works, underground ventilation works, purification works, wet curtain wall cooling works, clean clean project, kitchen fume purification project, environmental air conditioning project, central air conditioning project, waste gas purification works, pipeline engineering

Spiral duct Customer groups: chemical, leather, footwear, clothing, spinning, medicine, food, cement building materials, machinery processing, ultrafine powder processing industry.