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Selection Of Ventilatory Ducts

Jun 22, 2017

  Selection of ventilatory ducts

  Galvanized steel plate ventilatory ducts: a traditional product, with a wide range of uses and use of places, its advantages and disadvantages have long been recognized by the majority of users agree. But because of its strength and structure of the particularity can not be completely replaced.

  Inorganic fiberglass ventilatory ducts: a new product, because of its fire, corrosion, noise margin of the advantages of it was once seized most of the ventilatory ductsline market, but in recent years with the passage of time, people gradually on the inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic ventilatory ducts Of the lack of understanding, so that inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic ventilatory ducts market share gradually narrowed.

  Composite glass fiber ducts: all the rage of the ventilatory ducts products, is still a large area of use.

  Fiber fabric ventilatory ducts: the rise of the ventilatory ducts in recent years, because of its easy installation, air supply uniform, easy to clean the characteristics of the traditional ventilatory ductsline to make up for the lack of people quickly accepted, widely used in large supermarkets, sports venues, Workshop and other light steel structure of large space air supply.

  Different places, different requirements, a variety of ventilatory ductss have their own unique advantages. Due to the cleaning and installation of fiber fabric ventilatory ductss, it has been widely regarded and developed rapidly after the outbreak of SARS. We also expect that it will be able to cope with the requirements of the times with the progress of science and technology.