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Seamless Aluminum Duct Stripping The Main Factors

Jul 06, 2017

  Seamless Aluminum Duct stripping the main factors

  Seamless Aluminum Duct can be designed according to the indoor acoustics, the design of different pure Aluminum Duct rate, in a certain range of control structure of the sound absorption coefficient, both to achieve the design results, but also reasonable control of the cost. Through the control of pure aluminum pipe diameter, hole distance, and according to customer requirements to change the pure Aluminum Duct rate, the largest pure Aluminum Duct rate <30%, aperture generally used ∮2.0, ∮ 2.5, ∮ 3.0 and other specifications, Requirements and the same panel, sound-absorbing fabric using high-quality non-woven materials such as sound-absorbing material. Applicable to the subway, theaters, radio stations, television stations, textile mills and noise standards of the plant and the gymnasium and other large public buildings of the sound absorption wall panels, Aluminum Duct ceilings ceiling.


  1. Large board, high flatness

  2. Plate high strength, light weight

  3. Sound absorption effect is good, fire, waterproof

  4. Installation is simple, each board can be individually disassembled, replaced

  5. In size, shape, surface treatment and color, etc. Aluminum Duct can be customized according to customer needs to meet customer needs.