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PVC Flexible Duct Long Life With Difficult Aging

Oct 30, 2017

PVC Flexible Duct is what we often say PVC steel wire reinforced pipe, its pipe is three-storey structure, inside and outside the two layers are PVC soft plastic, the middle layer is steel wire reinforced structure, or wire mesh or spiral wire, so its formation of pipe also has a number of address: PVC steel pipe, PVC steel wire reinforced pipe, PVC steel wire spiral reinforced pipe, PVC steel wire mesh reinforced hose, PVC steel wire mesh hose and so on. In fact, the increase in the internal reinforcement of the steel wire to cause PVC pipe in strength, resistance to distortion, quality and other aspects of a certain change in the modification or reinforcement of PVC tube.

PVC steel pipe is a new type of PVC reinforced materials, in the compression capacity and hardness has been very good improvement. In the steel pipe is the most important of multiple production methods, including the main types of steel pipe in the market has high-pressure steel pipe, low pressure steel pipe, steel wire skeleton pipe and transparent steel pipe, and so on, in different environmental use, the new PVC steel pipe is now the most widely used products.

PVC Steel wire Hose According to the use can be divided into industrial grade (specialized transportation of industrial water, transportation of oil, sewage, powder, chemical raw materials and food grade (Food factory transportation juice, milk, edible water, liquor, wine, beer, etc.), wind power generation, suction and drainage, oil, low concentration of chemicals, such as liquid and solid particles, powdery materials. The substance itself must be "non-corrosive" and "low concentration chemicals", regardless of the coating.

PVC steel pipe is a PVC hose with embedded steel wire skeleton. The inner and outer tube wall is transparent, smooth, no bubble, fluid conveying is clearly visible, low concentration of acid and alkali, high elasticity, not easy to aging, long service life, high pressure, in the high-pressure vacuum can remain intact

1, high elasticity, high-strength galvanized metal wire, high-quality PVC composite materials;

2. Clear and transparent tube body, good flexibility, small bending radius;

3. High negative pressure, corrosion resistance, non-toxic material, long service life;

4. Used in agricultural pump machinery, oil depot, petrochemical equipment, industrial, engineering mines, food manufacturing and other fields of liquid, gas, oil, dust suction platoon. Most work environments can replace rubber tubing.

Temperature range: -10℃~+90℃.

Working pressure: 0.4Mpa, bursting pressure: 1.2MPa.

PVC Steel Wire Hose Material description

PVC steel wire hose by use mainly divided into: threading hose, drainage hose, ventilation hose, shower hose, harness pipe.

According to the material mainly divided into: Stainless steel hose, metal hose, corrugated hose, rubber hose, plastic hose. Threading Hose Threaded Hose mainly galvanized steel strip, stainless steel belt, PA, PE, pp and other plastic materials made of hose. Use: Mechanical manufacturing, electrical

Wire and cable protection for hose insulation protection, lighting equipment, automobile manufacturing, aviation equipment, Subway, train, automation control and other industries. Features: Good flexibility, resistance to distortion, good bending performance, can withstand heavier load, acid, lubricating oil, coolant, etc., the surface is shiny, resistant to friction. Can withstand the weight of foot tread, not broken, not variant, can be quickly restored, and itself without any damage. Stainless steel hose stainless steel hose mainly refers to materials made of 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel hose. Use: wire protection for Automated instrumentation signals

Hose for stainless steel hose assemblies. Stainless steel hose for protecting the precision optical ruler and protecting the sensing line. It has good softness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile resistance and waterproof property. and provide a certain shielding effect. Metal hose metal hose mainly refers to a spiral-shaped corrugated pipe;

Metal Hose Spiral Corrugated pipe is the corrugated spiral configuration of the tubular shell, in the adjacent two corrugated between a spiral rise angle, all the ripples can be connected through a spiral line

The annular corrugated pipe is a tubular shell with a closed ring, and the wave and the wave are connected by the ring ripple. The annular corrugated pipe is formed by the seamless pipe or welded pipe. The single tube length is usually shorter than that of spiral corrugated pipe, which is restricted by the processing mode. The advantages of annular bellows are good elasticity and small rigidity. Bellows Corrugated Hose is installed in a liquid conveying system as a flexible pressure-resistant pipe to compensate for the displacement of the connecting end of the pipe or machine or equipment,

Corrugated hose absorbs vibration energy, can play the role of damping, silencing, etc., with good flexibility, light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-fatigue, high and low temperature and many other characteristics. Plastic hose plastic hose is divided into two types, one is completely airtight, watertight, for example, for launch vehicle propellant transport, gas, water heater;

Plastic hose is continuous winding with the material, ordinary winding bellows used to protect the cable, such as magnetic card phone machine, machine tool, and the lamp bellows in the production process of wire. Rubber hose rubber hose.