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How To Understand The Characteristics Of Aluminum Duct Material

Oct 19, 2017

Aluminum as the main aluminum production material, aluminum can resist most of the acid corrosion, but soluble in aqua regia. Manufacturing and construction are the largest markets for the aluminum industry. Transport is the second largest market for aluminum, aluminum in the defense industry has a wide range of uses, with aluminum ships, not only fast, not seawater erosion, and no magnetic, to prevent magnetic mine attacks. Aluminum in the metallurgical industry, for the smelting of high melting point metals (chromium, vanadium, manganese, molybdenum, etc.), also used in the process of steelmaking deoxidizer. Aluminum powder can be used to make silver paint. aluminum Duct Metal cadmium can also be extracted from waste from the aluminum industry. Aluminum in low temperature environment, the strength and mechanical properties are still very good, or even improved, so aluminum can not only be used for frozen food transport, liquefaction devices, cold areas of buildings, can also be used for rocket liquid hydrogen liquid oxygen storage tanks and other parts The So that you can guarantee a certain intensity in the acid and alkali in the normal transport, which is why a lot of acid and alkali products with aluminum cans to transport the reasons.

And aluminum in the other metal, these alloys can ensure that other physical capacity is more powerful, aluminum alloy than pure aluminum has a better physical and mechanical properties: aluminum Duct easy processing, high durability, wide range of applications, decorative effect, rich color The Aluminum alloy is divided into rust-proof aluminum, hard aluminum, super-hard aluminum and other types, all kinds have their own use.

Aluminum alloy still maintains a light weight, but the mechanical properties are significantly improved. Aluminum Duct aluminum alloy material has the following three aspects: First, aluminum Duct as a force component; Second, as the door, window, Duct, cover, shell and other materials; Third, as decoration and insulation materials. The use of aluminum alloy anodized after treatment can be colored characteristics, made of various decorations. Aluminum alloy sheet, profile surface can be anti-corrosion, ginning, painting, printing and other secondary processing, made of various decorative plates, profiles, as decorative materials. Aluminum pipe is low cost, and the use of a processing technology can mass production of the same parts, which is one of his characteristics. aluminum Duct As a material they are made of aluminum, in use can have a good physical and chemical requirements, so that can also make more users a good grasp.