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Application Of Seamless Aluminum Duct In Aluminum Duct Construction

Oct 19, 2017

Seamless aluminum Duct in our lives can be said to be everywhere, everywhere, whether in the building or hardware industry can see its shadow, then do not know everyone on the understanding of the number of seamless aluminum?

In the construction of Duct fittings, seamless aluminum Duct is a high strength than ordinary low-carbon steel low alloy steel. With seamless aluminum Duct instead of the general low-carbon steel Duct, can save the country a lot of steel. Seamless aluminum Duct with a certain degree of hardening, zero below the low temperature welding, the welding joints may occur in the impact of mechanical properties of brittle structure, or in the weld and heat affected zone, resulting in cracks and so on. According to the needs of combat readiness, some seamless aluminum Duct fittings project, requires the winter in the winter under the conditions of welding construction, and seamless aluminum Duct fittings field low temperature welding (referring to -10 ℃ below), there is no mature experience at home and abroad The Therefore, low-temperature welding is to ensure the quality of seamless aluminum Duct construction seamless aluminum Duct low-temperature welding has become an independent branch of the field of welding, the research content is mainly low melting point solder development; welding process; sealing performance and strength requirements.

Can be seen seamless aluminum Duct low melting point welding of the status quo and development trends. Aluminum alloy low melting point soldering can solve the super-flow helium Dewar, solid cooler and air cooler special parts of the welding, but also can be used for satellite seamless aluminum Duct radiator, cooling Duct, heat Duct welding, which is characterized by Welding temperature is low (200250 ℃), after welding device deformation is small, no flux corrosion problems, high heat transfer efficiency, no need to clean after welding, can withstand 150-196 ℃ hot and cold alternating impact seamless aluminum Duct with strength and weight ratio High fracture toughness and high fatigue strength, good corrosion resistance and stability, good plasticity, good weldability and so on. It is more and more widely used in civil engineering, and the bridge project is attracting more and more people's attention and attention. The research of aluminum alloy material and its application in bridge engineering has become an important direction of bridge innovation design.