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Aluminum Foil Tube A Building Material

May 12, 2017

Performance characteristics and application of aluminum foil tube.

Aluminum foil tube A kind of building materials, with fine steel wire as the skeleton, with aluminum foil for high-rise building ventilation, for example, in the central air conditioning.One kind of is the use of two layers of aluminum foil filled with glass wool, so that through its internal Air play the role of insulation, so this is also known as insulation hoses. Its specifications are: ten centimeters, fifteen centimeters twenty centimeters and so on.

Aluminum foil tube Performance characteristics

Aluminum foil tube insulation performance, machining performance, fire performance is good. Aluminum foil shell shell acidity coefficient is high, with good chemical stability and fiber durability, aluminum foil shell has a good sound absorption characteristics.

Aluminum foil tube application

Aluminum foil shell is widely used in oil, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile and other industrial boilers and equipment pipeline insulation, but also for the construction industry wall, ceiling and inside and outside the wall insulation and various types of cold and hot And hidden, exposed pipe insulation.

Electricity, petroleum, chemical, light industry, metallurgical and other industries pipe insulation for a variety of pipe insulation and insulation, especially for small straight pipe construction convenient and rapid. Waterproof aluminum foil tube with moisture, row temperature, hydrophobic special features, especially suitable for use in rainy, humid environment, moisture absorption rate of 5%, the water repellent rate of more than 98 percent.