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Aluminum Ducts Are Used In Many Areas Of Water Ducts

Oct 09, 2017

Aluminum Ducts are used in many areas of water Ducts

Environmental protection seamless aluminum Duct is not affected by the policy for a long time, relying on administrative means to control the excess capacity did not play a very good effect, some local surplus production resurgence, the National Development and Reform Commission introduced the use of price means to regulate overcapacity policy, That is the transformation of thinking ideas, and first aimed at the large excess capacity - electrolytic aluminum industry, it has a very important demonstration significance.

1. Aluminum Duct if the pre-treatment degreasing process is not complete, will cause the film appears obvious white spots, aluminum Duct to color difficult.

2. Aluminum salt electrolytic solution Sn salt concentration is too low, the color is slow, aluminum Duct when the concentration is higher than 25 g / L coloring speed, but not easy to master, often produce larger color.

3. Aluminum Duct time: coloring time will also affect the coloring quality and color resistance, aluminum, such as coloring time is short, easy to fade color, a long time, too deep color, easy to spend the surface.

4. Aluminum Duct coloring temperature has a great impact on the color, the temperature below 15 ℃ when the color is slow, aluminum Duct is too high color film fog, and Sn salt easy to hydrolysis against the original, resulting in tank turbidity.

Aluminum Duct in many places where the water Ducts, PVC material plastic Duct is very common. Aluminum Duct and because it is cheap and easy to install, to a large extent replaced the original used galvanized Duct. But many experts have said that in the near future, aluminum will play a more important use, thus replacing the now popular aluminum Duct, re-let the Ductline back to the metal age.