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Aluminum Duct The Skills To Identify The Pros And Cons

Sep 07, 2017

Aluminum tube is a kind of non-ferrous metal pipe, refers to the use of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy extruded into its longitudinal full length of hollow metal tubular material. May have one or more closed through-holes, wall thickness, cross-section uniform, in a straight or roll-like delivery. Widely used in automobiles, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, electrical and mechanical, home and other industries. For a high-strength hard aluminum, can be heat treatment to strengthen, in the annealing, just quenching and thermal state of plastic medium, spot welding good weldability, gas welding and argon arc welding aluminum tube has a tendency to form intergranular cracks; In the quenching and cold hardening after cutting performance is still good, in the annealed state is not good. Corrosion resistance is not high, often used anodizing treatment and coating method or surface coated with aluminum layer to improve corrosion resistance. Can also be used as a mold material.

See: through the surface of the aluminum tube and the appearance of the inner and outer surface observation, hand touch to identify.

1. Authentic aluminum pipe surface words are generally imported inkjet print, its handwriting clear, and the trademark identification, manufacturers, addresses and even telephone and other general markings are more clear and true; fake and shoddy aluminum tube surface more use of ordinary printing presses , Writing fuzzy, its manufacturers, logo, etc. generally unknown or not marked.

2. Authentic aluminum tube made of high quality raw materials, the process of high precision, the surface and the inner layer of smooth and smooth, smooth no fouling; and shoddy aluminum-plastic pipe products due to cut corners relatively poor.

3. The quality of aluminum and plastic pipe and aluminum wall uniform, aluminum pipe with more closely, the pipe and aluminum belt quality and thickness to meet the relevant national standards; and shoddy products, the larger wall thickness deviation, thin aluminum , And its aluminum pipe lap gap.

Burn: use the fire to ignite the pipe. The true aluminum-plastic pipe is made by ultrasonic welding or hydrogen arc welding. The interface is very close, and the aluminum plate does not appear to fall off after the fire is ignited. The fake and shoddy aluminum pipe and other combination pipe Its aluminum film without welding, the interface is not close, after the ignition will appear aluminum off the phenomenon.

Cut: the use of pipe shearing will be cut into a spiral spiral tube, hand peeling aluminum layer and PE layer. True aluminum plastic pipe for the 5-layer composite structure, the aluminum layer and PE layer paste more closely, hand peeling aluminum layer and PE layer is not easy to get away; and shoddy products due to cut corners, the aluminum layer and PE layer is not close, Easy to peel off.

Measure: Use a small pressure pump to detect the pressure resistance of aluminum tubes. Real aluminum plastic pipe blasting pressure is high, generally can meet or exceed the requirements of the relevant national norms; and fake and shoddy products within the blasting pressure is generally low or even low, it is difficult to meet the requirements.