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The Steel Winding Pipe Is A Kind Of Pressure-free Pipe

Jun 09, 2017

  The steel winding pipe is a kind of pressure-free pipe, which is suitable for gravity self conveying of medium. The special structure of pipe makes it have good ring stiffness, so the ability to withstand external pressure is higher. Steel winding pipe is the first by the German Kraussmaffei and Australian pipe Manufacturers in 2004, developed in cooperation, known abroad as SRP tube. The SRP tube is developed on the basis of the pure plastic SWP tube, and the reinforced steel belt is embedded in the pure plastic strip of the SWP tube. It avoids the disadvantage of the SWP pipe's ring stiffness which is made of pure plastic strip, and inherits the forming process of the SWP tube, it can easily process the aperture to 3000mm above, and realizes the advantages of high rigidity of the light ring of the meter.

  Steel winding pipe was introduced into China in 2005, through the vast number of manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, the national Chemical building Materials Testing Department, the drainage Design Research department and the plastic industry experts to make unremitting efforts to improve the quality of the pipe, and invented a lot of easy to construction safety and reliable connection pipe fittings, pipe fittings patent up to dozens of. Can fully meet the needs of various industries drainage. As long as the civil construction units close cooperation, it is easy to reach the transmission medium 0 leakage. Traditional drainage pipe is not possible.

  Polyethylene-Plastic steel winding pipe is made of plastic-clad profiled strip by spiral winding welding (extrusion welding on lap surface), the inner wall is smooth and flat, and the specification is Dn200. This kind of pipe has the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight, simple installation, large flux and long life (50), which can replace the pipe made by high energy consumption material (cement, cast iron, ceramics, etc.), which is environmentally friendly green products.