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Performance Characteristics Of Steel Winding Pipe

Jun 09, 2017

  Performance characteristics of steel winding pipe

  1, the safety and reliability of the ring stiffness and pure plastic tube, the enhanced steel belt is very easy to make pipes, especially large caliber pipe with enough safety and reliable ring steel.

  2, the inner wall is smooth, the flow resistance is smoother than the cement tube low $number polyethylene (PE) pipeline inner wall, the friction coefficient is small, and the precipitate is not easy to produce gathers in the pipeline, the friction resistance is almost invariable after long use.

  3, flexible or no leakage (electric welding, butt welding) connection, sealing performance and environmental performance of good two kinds of sealing connection can be simple tools manual operation, no machinery, very simple and fast, to achieve reliable no leakage

  4, corrosion resistance, service life of more than 50 years high-density polyethylene (PE) Pipeline service life of up to 50 years

  5, light quality, fewer joints, no need for large equipment, installation and laying convenient weight light, installation does not require large-scale lifting equipment. Good axial flexibility, laying at the bottom of the groove smoothness, solid requirements are low, can withstand improper installation caused by abnormal stress ability

  6, on-site production, greatly reduce the transport costs of the tape can be coiled (ordinary cable tray) transport, pipe winding device simple and compact, easy to manufacturers will be transported to the vicinity of the site, the nearest winding production supply pipe greatly reduced the user's transportation costs.

  7, anti-abnormal burst load capacity of strong pipe can be resolved by elastic deformation to resolve the resulting stress, to avoid the pipe joints due to excessive stress and deformation of the leakage or destruction of 8 comprehensive cost has the advantage of the competitiveness of steel and plastic two kinds of materials, the pipe has excellent comprehensive performance.