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Wind pipe flange information

Dec 05, 2016

Total plate flange duct, also known as wind tube without flange, its form than traditional rectangular duct processing speed faster, easier, and less air leakage rate. Its advantage is material savings, reduce engineering investment; less air leakage, reduce energy consumption and save operating costs, was welcomed by plant decoration construction companies. Standard straight pipe by direct pressure on the lines made from one-piece flange. Non-standard pipe, elbow, tee, cross, accessories, such as cutting back, performed in the stand-alone device TDF flange. Flange angle directly by die stamping, card when installed in the four corners. Flange connections between usage of Lanka, galvanized steel plate, franca after forming cutting into uniform sizes for installation connections. TDF has flanges and pipe integrated steel, don't punch riveting like the angle steel flange, on the two pipe connections with dedicated franca, four corners and 90 degree flange angle, then bolted.