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Widely used cloth duct

Dec 05, 2016

Cloth duct applications in food production sites:

Food processing establishments are often large amount of baking powder and dust outlet, as well as traditional air supply system prone to dust of high wind speed, which leads to high cost of cleaning. Elvin, food-grade cloth duct is made of special research and development of special fire-retardant fibers with environmental health, antimicrobial, extremely simple installation characteristics such as surface wind surface wind speed and wind control (0.01~0.4) m/s, to avoid dust phenomena of air conditioning air, hoisting installation method is the simplest, easy to transport, greatly reducing operational costs. The most important is easy to clean, you can improve the quality of products.

Second, application of duct in common industrial sites:

General industrial sites in a conventional air conditioning system air distribution is uneven, and high cost long construction period. Elvin, flexible air duct design, air and wind angle diversity, ensures uniformity in all corners, single fabric cloth duct horizontal airflow control widths up to 12 metres.