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Fabric duct in the engine room application

Dec 05, 2016

With the improvement of communications equipment integration, power density of the engine room equipment more and more high, average power consumption 3-4kw/rack is becoming more and more common, the calorific value of the equipment is also growing. Computer room air conditioning group used traditional "first cold environment, then cooler" way of working, not only can not meet the demand in the power room, it is difficult to avoid the overheating of the engine room, and a waste of energy.

Evans fiber cloth duct using room air conditioning ventilation system fixed in the engine room precise air, optimizing the airflow in the engine room, reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning equipment number and. Fabric duct Evans has been in wide use for domestic, including purification and health, industrial areas (such as food and drug companies) facilities, public buildings, commercial establishments and large venues, in the communications industry fabric duct air going into the extended.