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Bag pipe has become standard with the food industry workshop

Dec 05, 2016

Microorganisms are important causes of food contamination, spoilage, colony counts, coliform bacteria, molds, yeast or other indicator bacteria are the main food production monitoring objects. Therefore, food shop on the cleanliness of the environment is very high. Elvin antibacterial sterilization bag duct has two materials will not result in mold.

We have passed the most stringent in the world OEKO-TEX100 certification, Oeko-Tex100 standards are based on the latest scientific knowledge, textile yarn, fiber, and all kinds of harmful substance content limits. Only in accordance with strict testing and inspection procedures to provide provable quality guarantees of manufacturer is allowed to use the Oeko-Tex label on their products. Textiles are divided into four categories, Elvin, bag pipe reaches the highest level, that the level of infant personal clothing request. While in China by the China textile Academy of Sciences testing, mold killing rate ≥ 99%.